These 18 Moments From The Entire OITNB Run Prove That The Latinas Of Litchfield Carried The Show On Their Backs

July 26th marks the release of the seventh and final season of Netflix’s original series, “Orange Is The New Black.” After six explosive seasons that made us laugh, cry and want to bring down the gates of Litchfield Prison, the series is wrapping up the story it began back in 2013. We’ve been through a lot with Piper, Alex, Red and Taystee but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that the ladies from the prison’s C Block —  also known as Spanish Harlem — are our favorites.

Daya, Gloria, Maria, Flaca, Aleida, Blanca and Maritza make up the original Litchfield Spanish Harlem crew and we’ve been through quite a few adventures with that group. From pregnancy and births to releases and separations, our girls have seen it all. 

Now that the series comes to an end, it’s time to relive some of the most memorable moments we’ve had with las mujeres of Spanish Harlem.

1. Daya Goes To Jail 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

In the first episode, we see Piper, Watson, and Dayanara entering the prison in their brand new orange jumpsuits. As they tour the different bunks — Spanish Harlem, The Suburbs, the Ghetto ect. — another prisoner comes up the trio and slaps Daya. This is her first introduction to prison and our first look at her mother, Aleida. 

2. Maria’s Intense Labor 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

When we start the series, Maria is heavily pregnant so it doesn’t take long for us to see the Latina in labor. Unfortunately, the prison won’t take her to the hospital until her contractions are one minute apart. In order to help her, the ladies of Spanish Harlem take care of her when she comes back from the hospital later without her baby. 

3. The Iconic “And You Have A Pizza” Moment

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

In Season 1’s Valentine’s Day episode, the Litchfield prisoners share what love means to them. To Flaca, love is like being in a warm chocolate pudding bath while listening to The Smiths and being rubbed down with oils by five dudes. Sounds pretty nice but Maritza sweetens the deal by suggesting, “And you have a pizza.” Love sounds pretty awesome.  

4. Daya And Aleida’s Mother-Daughter Moment 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

After the entire prison learns that Daya is pregnant with what they think is Pornstache’s baby, the Latina is left feeling overwhelmed. So much so, that she goes to her mom to have a pep talk. The two aren’t used to talking to each other like this but they manage to have a moment and it’s the intention that counts with this one. 

5. Rosa’s Grand Escape  

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black” 

While Rosa isn’t usually put together with the ladies of Spanish Harlem, the Latina’s grand escape deserves a spot on this list. In a daring move, Rosa steals the prison’s van and breaks out of the big house. Once on the road, Rosa feels like her old self again and we see the daring bank robber she was in her youth. She also does us the favor of giving Season 2 baddie, Vee, just what she deserves. 

6. Gloria’s Toughest Love 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

Someone should have told Gloria’s son, Benny, that he should never miss with a Latina mom. When the teenager begins acting out and being disrespectful to his mother, Gloria lays down the law and lets her kid know what the score is. His intimidated face after her verbal beat-down is proof that her tough love worked. 

7. Daya Gives Up Her Baby 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

Pregnancy wasn’t good for Daya. First, she had to hide it. Then, she had an on-again, off-again relationship with Bennett. Don’t even get us started on Pornstache. For a number of reasons, she didn’t think it was a good idea to keep her baby and eventually agreed to give it up to Pornstache’s mother. It was probably for the best but it had to be tough on Daya.

8. Gloria Goes Toe-To-Toe With Sofia 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

Season 3 has Sofia and Gloria’s sons spending extra time together which causes problems when the hair stylist’s son starts acting out. Sofia confronts Gloria about it and accuses Benny of being a bad influence on Michael. Several fights follow between the two — most of them when Gloria is holding something sharp. 

9. Maria Takes Control Of C Block 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

Season 4 saw the prison population double and tensions run high between the White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi faction and the Latinas at Litchfield. When Blanca is targeted and thrown down the stairs, Maria takes control of the situation. Arguing against a swift and reckless revenge, the new leader plans a smarter way to get even and protect her mujeres. 

10. Maria’s Harsh Revenge 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

When Maria decides to get into the prison pantie business, she gets push back from Piper, who has her own interest in the profits. When the blond recruits Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists as enforcers for her business, Maria decides she deserves the same label as her compatriots. The Latina leader orders that Piper be branded with a swastika on her forearm in this cringe-worthy scene. 

11. Maritza And The Mouse 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”
During Season 4, Maritza and Flaca have a game of “would you rather” and get overheard by one of the new guards. Later, the same guard takes Maritza to his quarters and presents her with the challenge: eat a live baby mouse or several dead flies. He then puts a gun to her head and asks her to choose. This is definitely one of the most traumatizing scenes in the series. 

12. Blanca’s Resistance 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

By the end of Season 4, tensions are high and the whispers of rebellion are becoming louder. In an act of defiance, Blanca stops bathing to protest the stop-and-frisk policy that the prison has adopted. When she refuses to bathe, one of the guards makes her stand on a table until she will relent. Little does he know that Blanca is in it for the long haul. 

13. A Decision Daya Can’t Take Back 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

After a tragic death, things escalate quickly. Daya winds up holding the smuggled gun, pointing it at the sadistic guard and choosing to shot him in the leg. This will eventually lead to his death and an irreversible sentence for Daya. Needless to say, this situation was intense.

14. Blanca Secures The Prison 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

When the riot breaks out in Litchfield, some women use it as an excuse to wild out. Not Blanca. Our forward-thinking Latina uses it as an opportunity to secure the prison so it can’t be retaken later. Smart thinking and a moment that literally allows Season 5 to play out. 

15. Maria’s Rallying Moment 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

In the beginning of the riot, Maria establishes herself as Jefa by holding a rally to get all the inmates on the same page. She promises that they will do a better job running Litchfield than the abusive guards and passes out cellphones in an Oprah-esque moment. 

16. Flaca And Maritza: Youtube Stars 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

What would you do if you’ve gone years without the internet or a phone? Start a Youtube channel! At least that’s what Flaca and Maritza do. The duo cover everything from DIY to a day in the life of Litchfield prison. Don’t forget Maritza’s innovative beauty tutorial using Latin spices.

17. Maria Double-Crosses Gloria 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”

Throughout Season 5, Gloria’s main concern has been getting out of prison to see her son. To do so, she makes a deal to release the guards who have been taken hostage. Unfortunately, Maria finds out and double-crosses her by releasing the guards instead. This sets them up for bad blood in Season 6. 

18. Daya’s Abuse In Prison 

Netflix / “Orange Is The New Black”
Season 6 starts with Suzanne hallucinating that what she sees around her is channels on a television. This is how we come to see Daya being abused by prison guards because they blame her for the guard’s death from Season 5. This abuse eventually turns into a bad drug habit for Daya, who has given up all hope of ever leaving prison.  

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