Johnny Lopez’ Story Of Coming Out Is Definitely Going To Be Part Of ‘The Riveras’ Season Three

“Can I stop hiding?”

“The Riveras” is a celebrity-driven reality show following the family of late-singer Jenni Rivera. The cameras follow Jenni’s children Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka, Mikey, and Juan Angel as they navigate through life with each other for support. The family has grown a lot since the show first started airing in October 2016. Recently, Johnny Lopez came out as bisexual after photos of he and his boyfriend went viral. The show released a special clip of Johnny talking to the camera with Chiquis’ support about the importance of him coming out and not hiding anymore. The trailer for season three lets the fans know that there will definitely be more about this very topic when Jenni’s youngest son looks to the camera and asks, “Can I stop hiding?”

All of the children ask questions about changes they want to make to their personality. Chiquis asks, “Can I be vulnerable?” While Mikey is worried about the kind of example he is setting for his daughter in the way he behaves. The children of Jenni are really in for a season full of growth on “The Riveras”, according to the trailer.

After watching the trailer, fans are trying to make time move faster so they can start enjoying this show already.

The show is going to be airing starting March 11. Until then, people will just have to wait patiently.

But most of all, fans are pumped to see their favorite family once again.

All the children seem to be setting themselves up for some decent growth this season. They are all taking a look inward and deciding what are the things that can be improved in their own lives. Only time will tell just how far the family will change this season.

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