Shakira’s Husband Got Roasted Online After His Post About Neymar Staying With Barcelona Backfired

After playing with FC Barcelona for four years, Brazilian star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is reportedly joining French giants Paris St. Germain. And this is how some of his closest teammates are saying goodbye…

“It has been a great pleasure sharing all of these years with you, my friend. I wish you the best of luck in this new chapter of your life. We’ll see each other soon. Love you.” -Lionel Messi

In addition to Messi, Barcelona defender Sam Umititi also posted a heartfelt message on Instagram.

“A nice season with you brother, both on and off the field. Best of luck!” -Samuel Umtiti

A few days prior, things were much different. Gerard Piqué (aka Shakira’s husband) posted a picture with a caption that really threw off Barcelona fans.

“Se queda,” wrote Piqué, which translates to “he’s staying.” At first, it appeared that Piqué was putting all the Neymar rumors to rest.

Unfortunately for Piqué, a few days later, Barcelona confirmed Neymar asked for a transfer. And people were ready to roast Piqué for giving them false hopes.

These people were getting ready with their best meme material.

And guess what… Piqué was wrong.


Uh-ohhhh…. Piqué is in trouble.

So of course, all of the memes started to roll in. 🙂


Goodbye Neymar ?

Bleacher Report created this hilarious animation:

So sad.

While others took it back to this classic meme…

LOL. Just when you think Crying Jordan is dead.

And the constant butt of the joke was Piqué’s use of these two simple words: “Se queda.”

So just to clarify Piqué’s Instagram post, Neymar is not staying with Barcelona.


The 25-year-old Brazilian will reportedly join PSG in a $595 million deal (including wages and transfer fee), the biggest in history. ?

For Barcelona fans, it’s sad that Neymar is leaving the team, but at least they’ll have these memes to remember his final moments.

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