The 5 Most Valuable Things Your Abuela Has Given You

There’s no one in the world like an abuela. They’re the staple in families – they’re the ones we go to for advice, to learn how to make the perfect platanos, and for a hug when we really need it. Abuelas always have a way of making us feel better that even our own parents don’t have. They’re special, and we love them. Basically, abuelas must be protected at all costs.

Here at Mitú, we wanted to share the most valuable things that our abuelas have given to us.

1. The family scrapbook

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There’s nothing better than seeing a picture of your mom or dad when they were just a little baby. A family scrapbook holds a family history – it’s so special, because it literally shows your family’s story. To have that passed down to you is a true honor. It also makes it exciting for when it’s time for you to start your own family’s scrapbook. It’s a generational gift that can be passed down forever. Plus, your mom’s chubby cheeks as a baby are just too dang cute.

2. Advice to never go to bed while in a fight with a loved one.

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Abuelas have lived long lives – they’ve been through it all. So yeah, it’s always wise to listen to them and take what they say to heart. Like when abuela tells you to never go to bed in a fight with a loved one. Always try your best to communicate your feelings and find love and forgiveness before falling asleep. It’ll make both of you feel better, even if it’s just easier to drift off while still arguing. Abuelas always know best.

3. The family recipe for arroz con pollo.

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It’s easy to assume that your abuela was just born knowing how to cook. But she learned from her parents, who learned from their parents, etc. When she hands down the family recipe for her take on arroz con pollo, it is the most prized possession. You swear your family knows how to make this dish better than anyone. It’s so good! Plus, making a big old bowl of arroz con pollo is the best way to spend time with your familia. Everyone gathered around the table, gossiping and cracking jokes while eating this dish is honestly a dream come true.

4. A small black-and-white photo from her and your abuelo’s wedding day.

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Is there anything more romantic than a vintage wedding photo? When your abuela gives you a snapshot from her wedding day, it feels so special. You can see the love that started your own story – because without their love, your mom or dad wouldn’t exist. It’s beautiful to see where it all started. Also, your abuela was a stone cold fox! Well, she still is, but you get it.

5. Advice to always put familia first.

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It’s easy to take your family for granted. It always feels like they’ll be there, through all of life’s ups and downs. But abuela always reminds you about the importance of putting your family first. Your family always has your back, and it’s important you always have theirs. An abuela just gets it.

We all think we know what’s best for ourselves, but sometimes advice and love from an abuela is all we need to help us think a little more clearly or feel a little bit better. Abuela’s really are the best, so we should probably just all listen to them, shouldn’t we?

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