Tenoch Huerta Shares Diego Luna’s Heartwarming Greeting for Him — And It’s the Cutest Thing

If you watched all three seasons of “Narcos: Mexico” religiously and know more about the Guadalajara cartel than you ever thought you would, chances are — you’re a fan of both Mexican actors Diego Luna and Tenoch Huerta. Now, Huerta shared Luna’s special saludo just for him, so excuse us while we melt. 

The two actors play now-iconic characters on the Mexican counterpart to “Narcos,” with Luna taking on the role of infamous drug lord Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, and Huerta playing his equally-notorious business partner Rafael “Rafa” Caro Quintero. While the Mexican actors had countless scenes together on the Netflix show, it’s clear their friendship will stand the test of time — and goes way beyond the series’ third and final season.

Huerta sat down with GQ México & Latinoamérica and talked about everything under the sun, giving them insight into his relationship with his daughter, sharing the sheer amount of money involved when making a movie like “Spectre,” and giving tons of hilarious impressions.

That being said, nothing tops Huerta’s impression of Diego Luna’s greeting for him. The “Son of Monarchs” actor explained, “Diego has a very nice way of greeting me everytime he sees me… He always sees me and smiles like, ‘Que pasó Chiquitin.’”

Knowing Luna calls Huerta “chiquitín” is the wholesome content we didn’t know we needed, and might just be reviving us out of our mid-week slump. As one TikTok user commented, “He calls him [chiquitin]🤣that would get the same reaction outta me too” (yup!). Another agreed, “Mmg that just healed a little piece of my heart and I don’t know why 🥰.” 

Yet another user marveled at how “Los Kings got their own saluditos 🤭” while others couldn’t help looking back at epic memories: “HIM N LUNA IN NARCOS OH MA GAWWD.” Even more people started imagining future collabs, “[Huerta] and Diego in season 2 of Andor 🥰.” Yes please!

The GQ interview is chock-full of even more fun tidbits, namely Huerta’s insane impressions of fellow celebrities. Apart from imitating Luna, Huerta also goes for a crazy Luis Miguel impression (“Chicas, no mueras por otro que no sea yo”— we’re dead) and even sings like the iconic late singer José José. The “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” star also does a facial expression so similar to Gael García Bernal that we’re actually freaking out.

Apart from impressions that showcase his immense talent as an actor, Huerta also talked about his experience in movie sets like “The Forever Purge” and “Son of Monarchs.” He was also asked an interesting array of questions, such as his favorite Marvel movies: “The first two ‘Iron Man’ films.” And when asked what literary character he would love to play one day, his answer was straight to the point— Juan Rulfo’s “Pedro Páramo” from 1955.

While Huerta plays king of Talocan Namor in the upcoming “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” he also shared his favorite hero growing up. Not exactly Batman or Superman, but actually real-life Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. Huerta described, “Out of the important leaders from the Mexican Revolution… he was the purest hero.”

There’s no doubt Huerta is an incredible actor and all-around human, and knowing he has a special friendship with Luna has us crossing our fingers they make a movie or series together soon.

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