9 Facts About Taylor Zakhar Perez, The Adorable Mexican-American Lead From ‘The Kissing Booth 2’

If there is one actor that everyone is currently talking about (and who stole all our hearts in his first big movie), it’s Taylor Zakhar-Pérez, who plays Marco in the hit rom-com trilogy The Kissing Booth 2.

A few weeks before the premiere of the latest sequel, Pérez had reached four million Instagram followers, and he seems to be relishing in the attention – uploading thirst trap after thirst trap. And we’re not complaining. But who exactly is Taylor Zakhar-Pérez and why should he be on your radar (if he isn’t already)?

Let us quench your newfound thirst with these facts about the actor who might be your next Instagram crush.

He’s a proud Spanish-speaking Mexican-American.

There’s no denying Taylor has that irresistible sex appeal and you are right if you suspected that he has Latin American roots, because although he was born in Chicago (and currently resides in Los Angeles), his mother is Mexican and originally from Jalisco.

And, in case you were wondering too … Taylor DOES know how to speak Spanish!

And don’t worry, he’s not as young as he looks.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Pérez is in his teens. You’re not the only one. But he’s actually nearly 30-years-old – a Capricorn born on Christmas Day 1991. Merry Xmas to us!

He’s a champion swimmer.

Before he got into acting, Taylor Zakhar Perez was a very successful swimmer. According to IMDb, he was a nationally ranked swimmer.

The Kissing Booth 2 is the film that undoubtedly launched him to superstardom.

Although Pérez had several roles before taking on his part in The Kissing Booth, it’s his role as the heartthrob Marco, who quickly becomes the most attractive new kid in his senior year of high school, that introduced him to international audiences.

But he had several roles before taking the global stage in The Kissing Both 2.

Tay has had more characters in TV series than in movies and you probably recognize him from some of the more famous ones, such as iCarly, where he gave life to Keith in 2012 and Scandal (where he played Calvin, in 2018.)

He’s got lots of hobbies and is full of surprises.

If you know anything about Tay, it’s that he has many skills and the actor loves to use his voice. After several requests from fans, we finally got a look and listen to him playing guitar and singing.

Many of his hobbies take him outdoors and around the world.

In addition, he considers himself an adventurer (just as we see in the romantic vacations that he seems to be taking with this partner Joey King this summer) and he loves traveling the world, paddle boarding, rowing and surfing.

He’s sporty and outdoorsy.

We stan a fun and adventurous outdoorsy type of guy who isn’t afraid to be out in the elements. Also, he looks good doing it.

He also has an adorable pup! Who doesn’t love a guy with a dog?!

Jack is the name of the adorable puppy that stole Taylor’s heart and he’s often featured in posts on the actor’s Instagram account.

He was uncomfortable playing the ‘snack’ role in The Kissing Booth 2.

The first time we actually meet Marco Peña in The Kissing Booth 2, we technically see his abs before his face. Taylor told Refinery29 that scene made him blush as much as anyone else.

“I had so much anxiety and embarrassment — but also secondhand embarrassment for her [Joey King]…,” he said.

It’s quite obvious that the Internet is catching on to this man’s beauty.

Where’s the lie?

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