What Every Dual-Fan Goes Through During Fútbol Season

A summer of international fútbol is upon us, and some Latino soccer fans in the U.S. are preparing to handle the doubled edged sword; supporting more than one national team.

These are some of the trials and tribulations the tabooed dual-fan goes through when the copa comes around.

The Judgement

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If you have a soft spot for two sides, the chances are pretty high that you’ve been called out for it. They’ll say “you’re not a true fan” if you have multiple allegiances… but to be honest I’m just trying not to be hurt by Higuain again.

Hurting My Wallet

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Some dual-fans stick to a one-jersey limit, and others are a little more flexible. But why does a new kit have to be $100 – c’mon man! This year both Argentina and Brazil have such slick kits… how am I supposed to choose?

Conflict of Interest

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It had to happen. Of course it did. My two favorite teams are playing each other and I’m forced to choose between them – this is trash. The Samba boys made me fall in love with the game, but the unexpected energy of La Roja is so captivating.

Double Celebrations

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One team making it to the quarter finals is great, but two teams making it to the quarters? Some quick math says that’s twice as good. Supporting two teams, that might just so happen to be decent sides, means more soccer to have a personal stake in, and more passion on game night.

Better Chance of Winning

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Yeah, your team might be the favorites at this quadrennial South American event that sometimes happens in back-to-back years… but what if they get knocked out in the group stages, hmmm? I bet you wish you had a second team to support now, don’t ya? Now you just have a casual interest while I’m sat here biting my nails knowing we’re going to lose on pens. We always lose on pens.

More Games to Watch

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Fútbol fans don’t need any excuses to watch the beautiful game, but when you support two teams… well, you’re making a commitment to watch more games. There’s nothing wrong with that – now is there?

At the end of the day, fútbol is about passion. It doesn’t matter how many teams you support so long as you enjoy the game and are respectful in your fandom. There are pros and cons to supporting a single team, so as long as you’re prepared to deal with the consequences of multi-fandom, do your thing!

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