7 Reasons Why Your Next Date Should Be At A Golf Tournament

You want to ask that special person out but you don’t want him or her to think that you’re boring. Bars are too loud, dinner seems so ordinary, movies are not really good for talking, so what other options might make you seem interesting and original?

Well, how about a golf tournament? Wait… don’t laugh or close this page. We mean it. It’s not as posh as you think, it’s unexpected and every tournament comes with its own unique flavor. You can hang out in the beautiful outdoors AAAAAND you can tell your abuela you went to a sporting event instead of on a date to avoid all the interrogations.

Hear us out, here are 7 reasons why your next date should be at a Golf Tournament:

1. It sounds fancy but it’s more affordable than you think


You will definitely spend less than dinner at some expensive restaurant and this date has many more options to fill a whole day with activities. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress fancy like for a quinceañera party. You can wear whatever comfortable clothes you want (just make sure you look amazing for your date!).

2. They have great food and drinks


If you are a foodie looking to impress your date with more than nachos and beer, you will be very surprised to know that the PGA TOUR has really raised the bar when it comes to their food and beverages. Like at the last Northern Trust, you could find Momofuku, Mario Batalli, and Dave Chang along with crafted cocktails. Yup, you can dine from the best chefs in the country without booking months in advance for a table and without having to spend all of your paycheck.

3. You will be surrounded by nature in a beautiful setting


If your idea of a date is to be able to talk rather than to yell in a club then this is your kind of date. But don’t worry, it’s not like you are alone sitting on a bench in the middle of a deserted park. There are plenty of things to keep the date interesting, you can follow the players throughout the course, you can sit in one of the lounges to enjoy some shade and sip your crafted drinks, you can even bring a blanket and have a picnic right by the 18th hole to wait for the players to finish the day. The tall trees, perfectly trimmed grass and the wind blowing your hair make for great photo opportunities.

4. This is a one of a kind date


So maybe this is not your first date. In fact, you are already married and have kids but want to do something romantic with your partner to keep that fuego in your relationship. Golf Tournament! If you have already done all the classic date plans and you are running out of ideas, this is fresh out of the box and believe us, this is a date that your special someone will be telling everyone about. It’s for sure a date to remember.

5. It can last for as long as you want


You’ve had dates that you want to last forever and others that you can’t wait to end. The problem with these dates is that if you are in a restaurant or a movie, you’re stuck, unless it’s THAT BAD and you need to run. But a golf tournament is so flexible. It can last one, two hours or it can last eight or nine hours, it all depends on how well it’s going. The great thing is that if it’s going well, you don’t need to think of the next thing to do after dinner or after a hike, there is tons of stuff to do right there to keep you busy all day. If it’s going bad, send this person safely home and stay to mingle with all the cute guys and gals that are also hanging out there 😉

6. It’s like 4 dates in one


Think of a workout + drinks + an afternoon at the feria + a sports event. If you are looking to get your adrenaline going, you and your date can sign up for a SoulCycle class or a 5k run. If you need something more mellow, following the players around the golf course can be quite the workout too. The drinks and the food will be first class. They also offer games where you can actually win prizes, so it’s basically like a day at the fair. Last but not least, you can witness the best players in the world up close and personal, competing for a title.

7. You will find many quiet spots to chill and maybe have a cute first kiss


So the date is going great and now you feel that it might be time to kiss. Instead of kissing in the middle of a loud bar or having to avoid being seen by your mom and tias peeking through the window when you drop him or her off, you can escape the excitement of the tournament for a bit and find a quiet spot to talk a little bit more and if you and your date want to, kiss. Before you leave, escape to the shop and get your date a little souvenir, that way you’ll have a cute memento to remember your date on the course.

So there you have it, next time you and your date feel a little adventurous and are looking for something different check out the PGA TOUR tournament schedule. There’s probably one closer than you think.

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