So You Finally Moved Out Of Your Parents, Here’s What You Need To Set Up Your First Apartment

So you finally moved out of your parents’ place and got your own. You have a nice space where you can now invite your friends over and not worry about your mom being metiche.

So now it’s time to invite your friends over and host a lit night in.  You probably don’t know where to begin because this is your first time doing this, but don’t worry, we put together a list of items that will give outsiders major FOMO. 

Every turnt night in starts with a game. 


This isn’t just any game. This is Tragos Party Game, a game that your abuela will not approve of. Each box holds 110 ridiculously true Latino reference cards, designed with unique game rules to get your party started.

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You can’t get turnt without proper hydration.


Celebrate your independence with a set of four shot glasses that will have you and your party crew chanting “pa’ arriba, pa’ bajo, pal Centro, pa’ dentro” over and over and over…

Pssst! This set of four shot glasses is currently on sale for $12.99.

Oh and you’ll probably have to cook… even if it’s just sprinkling Tajín on some watermelon. 


But what a tragedy it would be if you ruined your party night outfit while in the kitchen. Protect your pretty party outfit with a clever apron.

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After you’re done cooking, set the ambiance with our unique candles.


The unique candles we feature in our shop will remind you of all the scents you smelled when you were growing up. Doesn’t this sound like it would smell like heaven?

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If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want in your new place is for people to walk in with their dirty shoes. 


Welcome your guests (and keep germs out) with these adorable chancletas that double as cute and comfy house shoes. 

Decorate your walls with unique wall art that speaks to your latinidad.


Blank walls are so boring. Take advantage of your new space and splash your personality all over it. The mitú shop features canvas prints with original illustrations and original photography that you’ll want to sprinkle all over your new place. 

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There’s nothing sadder than an empty, plain couch. 


Spruce up your couch with these cute pillows that’ll keep your aesthetic looking snatched.

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You can’t forget your roommate. 


Make your little one feel at home with these adorable pet placemats. Come on, you can’t deny your pet the luxury!

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And when it’s time to hint at the visita that it’s time to go, send them off with cafecito in a super cute mug.


Our shop has so many mugs, you will find one that suits every guest’s personality.

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With your own place comes your own mandados.


Be environmentally friendly when you go grocery shopping while remaining your funny and stylish self.

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