Watch This Kid Sing ‘Adiós Amor’ To His Amiguita In Front Of The Entire Class

We most often see serenatas during prom and Valentine’s Day season, but this six-year-old randomly asked his teacher if he could sing for his friend in front of their entire class and his performance is the I-want-to-squeeze-your-cheeks-until-your-eyeballs-pop-out type of cute.

The six-year-old sang his heart out and his love interest didn’t know what to do with herself.

The after school program director, Oscar, tells mitú that he was walking his class to the gym when one of his students asked him if he could sing a song for his friend in front of the entire class. The girl you see covering her face with a pink sweater in the video is the special someone who Oscar’s student decided to serenade. The girl was very shy, but Oscar’s student received standing ovations from the entire class at the end of his romantic performance.

And this isn’t the first time Oscar’s students sing the romantic ballad, “Adiós Amor.”

Oscar told mitú that he makes an effort to play Latino music for his students. He hopes that this reminds them to “always embrace their culture” and to be proud of their identities.

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