Shakira’s Latest Music Video Is Inspiring Fans To Share Their Love Stories On Social Media

It’s been seven years since Shakira has released an album en Español.


We love it when she sings in English, but Shakira in Spanish is even hotter.

Last week, she released a music video for the first single off her forthcoming album “El Dorado,” and there’s quite a few surprises in it.

Credit: shakiraVEVO / YouTube

The song is titled “Me Enamoré,” and it’s super catchy and danceable.

Okay, while you catch your breath, here’s a few of our favorite moments. For starters, we are loving her messy long curls.

shakiraVEVO / YouTube

The song is all about falling in love, so she must be talking about her boyfriend, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, right?

shakiraVEVO / YouTube

Well, she mentions that she likes “his” beard. And Piqué does have facial hair.

Then things start getting a little sexual. Yes, there’s butt grabbing.


And also, there’s a kinky food situation going on in the bedroom.


But more importantly, Shakira’s trademark hip thrust is back!


And, yes, the guy Shakira is in love with is…


Her baby daddy!!!!

Of course it is. It’s kinda cute that Shakira included this TRUE love story in her new music video.

Fans are now sharing their own love story music video on social media too!



So cute!!!!

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Will you do your own “Me Enamoré” music video? Let us know by sharing this story and commenting below!

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