Selena Would Be Crying Tears Of Joy If She Saw How Many People Attended This 2-Day Music Festival In Her Honor

As a tribute to Selena’s legacy, thousands of fans gathered in Selena’s hometown, Corpus Christi, Texas and attended the third annual 2-day Fiesta de la Flor festival.


As the city that Selena called home, there was no better place to hold this special tribute festival.

And the turnout was amazing with an estimated 50,000 attendees.

From day to night, Corpus Christi was filled with so much Selena love and appreciation. ?

All day long, fans had their hips moving to performances by different artists, such as Las Fenix.

They’re so AMAZING!

Later in the evening, people got to see actor and singer, Jackie Cruz, perform her cover of Selena’s famous song, “Como La Flor.”


Jackie Cruz says this was the scariest thing she’s ever done in her life, but she killed it!

The entire crowd couldn’t help but sing along to all of the music. ?


“…me diste tuuuuuu, se marchitooooo.”

From babies to teenagers to adults, the crowd at Fiesta de la Flor included Selena fans across all ages.


And the spirit of these Selena fans was EVERYTHING. ?

And almost every person who attended the festival, showed up dressed in signature Selena outfits:



Because a Selena music festival wouldn’t be complete without iconic Selena fashion. ✨

These women SLAYED! There’s no doubt Selena would be proud.

For those who could not travel to Hollywood to see Selena’s wax figure, the wax figure was brought to them at La Fiesta de la Flor.


Question is…how did they manage to take the wax figure all the way from Hollywood to Texas without it melting and falling apart?

And for those who wanted to take a little recuerdito of the festival with them, the festival featured vendors selling everything from Selena t-shirts to Selena bottle sleeves.


Selena everyyyything!

From day to night, La Fiesta de la Flor had Selena fans smiling, singing, laughing and dancing. And those who couldn’t attend had a serious case of FOMO.


They were just sitting at home, crying and humming to “Como la Flor.”

But if you couldn’t attend, no worries! Keep an eye out for these upcoming Selena tribute events, happening across Los Angeles CA, San Jose CA, Colorado, Houston TX, and more!


Check out the link above, and find out if there’s a Selena tribute event near you.

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