Fans Are Very Much Curious About Selena Gomez’ Reason Behind Her New Music Video

“I’ve been running with the wolves to get to you.”

A few weeks ago, Selena Gomez kicked off the month by releasing a vertical video for her latest single, “Wolves.” It looked and felt a lot like a FaceTime video, with Gomez singing directly into the camera while bouncing around her house. Now, the Texas-born pop star has gifted her fans with another video, and this one is more in the vein of “Fetish,” which at one point features a soaking wet Gomez writhing around on a kitchen floor.

In this version of “Wolves,” the 25-year-old owns her sexuality, crawling and slithering on the floor of an empty gym shower while wearing heels and a gown. We also see Gomez standing on a diving board in another insanely gorgeous gown, and then standing on the surface of the pool as though floating on water like some sort of divine manifestation and it’s kind of awesome.

The song lyrics could hint at her struggles with mental and physical health over the last couple of years. “Wolf” translated to Latin is “Lupus,” and the singer has been very public with her battles with lupus, including a recent kidney transplant. Gomez hasn’t spoken about the meaning of the music video yet, but she when she does, we’ll definitely have to discuss it.

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