Selena Gomez Finally Posted A Photo Of Her Boo On Instagram

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have come a long way from awkward displays of PDA behind dumpsters. The power couple, which apparently began dating some time in January, is making its relationship public and, of course, fans of both SelGo and The Weeknd are eating it up.

A week ago, The Weeknd posted this grainy photo of Gomez kissing his right temple.


Adorable, right?

If you take a closer look, you’ll also notice Gomez is pointing toward the bottom left corner, gently reminding fans to hit that little heart icon.

The Weeknd / Instagram

Slick move, Selena. Slick move.

This past weekend (pun not really intended but why the hell not), SelGo and The Weeknd were at the 2017 Celebrity Spring Fling, AKA Coachella. And Gomez finally posted a photo of her boo on Instagram:

And this time, the Weeknd was pointing toward that heart icon:

Selena Gomez / Instagram

Is it for the love or for the likes, guys???

All jokes aside, Gomez and the Weeknd looked great together.

The Weeknd looked so ’90s that he would have fit right in with the cast of “A Different World”…


… or as a member of the rap-R&B act PM Dawn.

Gee Street Records / Island Records

Selena Gomez totally killed it…

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… with her “mantel de hule that your abuelita uses on the dinner table” dress.


OK, OK. All jokes aside (for real), these two crazy kids looked like they were having the time of their lives.

So whether they’re “goals” to you or not, love is always a beautiful thing, so why not share it with everyone?

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