With The Release Of Her New Song, People Continue To Say Selena Gomez Is ‘Glamorizing Suicide’

After sending fans into a frenzy last week with news that she was going to release new music, Selena Gomez kept her promise and dropped new music today. The song is titled “Bad Liar” and is inspired by the Talking Heads song “Psycho Killer” as researched by Genius.

Selena Gomez released new single “Bad Liar” featuring a sample from “Psycho Killer,” a Talking Heads song.

She teased fans all week with cryptic messages that fans were trying to decipher.

She even posted some of the lyrics, the same way she had posted the title of the song, in red lipstick on glass.

Earlier in the week, Gomez also gave fans a taste of the baseline made famous by the Talking Heads.

Little did her fans know how important these four seconds would be for the song.

Hardcore fans may remember this video from back in 2014 where Gomez was vibing off of the baseline already.

Could this have been the moment she was inspired to write “Bad Liar?”

Spotify is streaming the “Bad Liar” music video exclusively at the moment.

Credit: Spotify

But Gomez shared a snippet on her Twitter account.

There has been some controversy around the song art adding to the flack she’s gotten since producing “13 Reasons Why.”

The image features Gomez wearing a “risk” hospital band and bandages around and near her wrist.

But apparently, the photoshoot for this song happened right after a trip to the hospital for a Lupus related issue, which Gomez has openly talked about struggling with recently.

Gomez has denied claims that the series glamorizes suicide and continues to stand by the series.

You can watch the full video on Spotify or listen to the audio only version below.

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