Fans Want To Know Why Selena Gomez Spent Her Whole Music Video Putting Random Things In Her Mouth

“You got a fetish for my love.”

Selena Gomez fans waiting for the full music video for “Fetish” have been teased for a full month. After dropping an “audio video” featuring a sensual, extended shot of her lips, we finally have a real music video. The art direction gives off a creepy, almost stalkerish, vibe as the singer moves through a home that is in clear disarray yet somehow in order. She also spends a lot of the music video putting random objects into her mouth, from eyelash curlers, to a bar of soap, to a tube of lipstick. There are also peaches everywhere in the video. Maybe the peaches represent the peach Emoji that took on a sexual connotation in the hands of users, much like the eggplant Emoji did. It is truly a bizarre and hyper artistic video that takes fans into a new world in Gomez’s mind.

Fans are both confused and hyped for the “Fetish” video.

It definitely takes some getting used to.

Some fans are openly sharing their own interpretations of the video and its possible secret meanings.

Very interesting interpretation.

More importantly, people want to know why Gomez is putting stuff in her mouth.

The people demand answers.

Yet, despite the confusion and new vibe, fans are loving Gomez’s “Fetish” music video.

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