Selena Gomez Dropped An Intimate And Sensual ‘Audio’ Video For Her Song ‘Fetish’

Selena Gomez’ video for “Fetish” is so simple yet so hot.

Selena Gomez fans finally have a new video to totally obsess over just a month after Gomez dropped “Bad Liar” — and it doesn’t disappoint. The video features a simple, static shot of Gomez’s glossed-up lips as she sings the song. Throughout the video, Gomez plays with her manicured nails, making for a very sensual and intimate experience as Gomez rubs her lips, flicks her tongue, and laughs into the camera. It keeps that 1970’s glam aesthetic that Gomez recently utilized in her “Bad Liar” video, and it works.

Fans are already obsessing over the new song.

^^ That is dedication.

It’s even turning the haters into baby Selenators.

Music is a powerful thing, y’all.

The song has already made it to the No. 1 spot on the U.S. iTunes charts at the time of this story.

Screenshot: iTunes

That “Despactio” remix with Justin Bieber has finally been dethroned and all it took was his ex-girlfriend. Dayyummm.

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