Things Got So Crazy On ‘World Of Dance’ Jennifer Lopez Screamed And Host Jenna Tatum’s Jaw Dropped

Credit: NBC World of Dance/ Youtube

Jennifer Lopez’s dance battle show kicked it into high gear this week with their “duels” round. After the last two weeks of qualifying performances, groups were saving their best for the pressure of going head to head with other dancers. Swing Latino, a dance group from Cali, Colombia, brought it to the next level with their flamboyant, high-energy performances. They wore bright colors, danced their hearts out to Jose Aguirre’s “Pa’ Lante,” and had judges out of their seats, dancing along.

J.Lo danced along with team Swing Latino as they performed an exhilarating Latin Jazz number.

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She couldn’t help but get off her feet and shake it.

But it’s what Swing Latino did for their finale that had J.Lo screaming and jaws dropping.

Credit: NBC World of Dance / Youtube

That’s right, for their final move, a group of dancers flung one of their own several feet through the air. She was caught by a male dancer who was being held up by three other male dancers, and then he flipped her upside down! It was insane.

We can’t wait to see what’s next on “World of Dance,” which is shaping up to be a summer spectacle.

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