Salma Hayek Reveals Her Favorite Curse Word And Talks About Her Run In With A Costa Rican Animal On Kimmel

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

In a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Salma Hayek revealed her favorite curse word in Spanish. Kimmel shows a brief trailer of Hayek’s new film “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” where she curses up a storm during a jail-house interrogation about her hitman husband in the film, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Hayek then reveals that she’s from Veracruz, Mexico which she says is “famous for saying a lot of bad words.” When asked what her favorite bad word is, she says “cabrón” and proceeds to use it freely. “Guillermo, no seas cabrón!” Since its a U.S. show in English, they don’t even bleep it. It’s pretty amazing.

Earlier in the interview, Hayek talked about her recent trip to Costa Rica, where she did battle with a gangster spider monkey.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Apparently, she got into the monkey’s supply of water apples and he wasn’t having it, so he showed her how he felt. It’s a pretty great story. Lesson learned: don’t touch a monkey’s apple, he won’t pee on you. Done.

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