Just When You Thought Rubi’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Were Over, She Showed Up As A Red Carpet Correspondent

Most people thought Rubi’s quinceañera was only 15 minutes of fame, but the 15-year-old returned to the spotlight at last night’s Premio Lo Nuestro award show. Check out her first major gig as a red carpet correspondent…

Remember Los Quince de Rubi?


The quinceañera that hundreds of thousands of people got invited to.

Well thanks to her viral quince, Rubi essentially became a celebrity and has gone from dancing a valz to strutting it on the red carpet at Premio Lo Nuestro.??



During rehearsals she got to meet one of her biggest idols, Thalía.

…which she was super nervous and excited about.

And during the awards show, Becky G gave her an Instagram shoutout.

They showed up in similar dresses and Becky G loved it, posting on Instagram: “The two princesses thought alike.”

The 15-year-old was interviewed countless time and took selfies with fans as she walked the red carpet.

Looks like she was a pro at this.

People who were watching the awards show, just couldn’t believe it.

They definitely weren’t expecting Rubi to make an appearance.

Even though some were taken off guard that Rubi was at Premio Lo Nuestro…

…they were also super inspired:

Rubi is making big moves!

Check out how Rubi felt about the entire trip in her vlog below:

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