Watch Rosie Perez Tell Desus And Mero How She Discovered J.Lo And Knew She Would Be Famous All Those Years Ago

“He said, “I want to talk to the girl with the accent,” and I got pissed off and grabbed the phone and was like ‘Yo, what the fuck?'”

Puerto Rican multi-hyphenate Rosie Perez was on “Desus & Mero” this week and she was stunning, sporting her famous curls and flashing her dimpled smile under a hat only she and Pharrell have enough swag for. But don’t get it twisted — she’s from Brooklyn — Rosie will put you in your place if she has to. Several times, she had to give Mero the “don’t play with me” look. They’d laugh and carry on, but her ability to check these two when their questions got out of hand will remind you of your tia who you know better than to mess with.

They asked some great questions, which led to Perez telling the story of how Spike Lee “discovered” her. She also recalled how the famed director asked Public Enemy to write a song for her to dance to and how that song ended up being “Fight The Power.” Yes, the same “Fight The Power” that made the title scene from “Do The Right Thing” an iconic moment in dance, cinema, music, hip-hop, and civil rights.

Perez also discussed Harvey Weinstein and what it’s like being a survivor of sexual assault. Perez described how difficult it was to overcome the guilt she carried after her assault: “Over time, all of sudden, you go, ‘Fuck that shit, I didn’t do nothing wrong.’”

The 53-year-old actress also spoke about her new NBC series, “Rise,” where she plays a bounty hunter. Have I used the word iconic yet to describe her? Because Rosie Perez is iconic.

Check out the extended cut of their interview to see Perez mean mugging something serious.

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