Marvel Hooked Up Romeo Santos With His Own Superhero Suit

Credit: RomeoSantosVEVO / YouTube

“Yo quisiera ser el Hulk y te protejo… Superman para exhibirte el Universo.”

Romeo Santos wants to be a superhero. In his latest single, “Héroe Favorito,” the 35-year-old bachata star sings about his desire to have the super powers of heroes such as Superman, Spider-Man and The Hulk. You know, so he can protect his lover and show her the universe. Listen closely, though, and you’ll notice he’s also thinking like a villain:

Estoy planeando un secuestro

Para robarme tu amor

Mis estrategias no marchan

Y crece la imaginación

You’re planning a kidnapping? What happened to “With great power comes great responsibility”?


Anyway, if you’re wondering who designed the snazzy superhero costume Santos is wearing on the cover for the single, it was Marvel Custom, a marketing agency owned by Marvel Comics. According to Billboard, Santos was excited and apprehensive about becoming a superhero: “At first, to be honest, I was skeptical. Could it look corny, me in a suit?”

Read more about the process behind Santos’ superhero outfit @ Billboard.

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