Rob Kardashian Tried To Hit On Natti Natasha And Her Fans Are Here To Block

Oh, Karadashians. You either love them or hate them. Some of us (me) just live for the Kardashian drama: who they’re with, who’s cheating on who, which Kardashian makes more money, which one has more Instagram followers.

Yes, it is petty, but we love it anyway. So for those people like me, here’s a weird one.

Robert Kardashian is flirting with Natti Natasha on Twitter.

We know Rob has a thing for Latinas (cough…Adrienne Bailon…cough) and for celebrities. He’s dated a slew of them from Rita Ora and even a little something, something with Rihanna. After his disastrous relationship with Blac Chyna (all aired on reality TV), people are warning the Dominican singer to avoid Rob at all costs. Well, some of them anyway.

Here’s how some people are reacting to the possibility of the only male Kardashian and Dominican singer-songwriter.

Natti’s been previously linked to Don Omar, so we think Rob could fit that tall, dark, and handsome vibe.

If that’s the way Rob wants to roll.

Will Natti take the bait? This could help her career launch into the mainstream. It’s all about the crossover, right?

Why can’t he just slip into her DMs like a normal person?

Maybe Rob is looking for another reality TV show with a new leading lady. Rob, there is a proper way to hit a girl up. Public Twitter is not one of them.

On second thought, we kind of approve of this relationship.

With the Kardashian DNA and Natti’s incredible talent, Kris Jenner should move fast on this one.

On the third thought.

Yeah, this could only end really bad.

One person’s random is another person’s treasure.

This is Hollywood gold.

Can you blame him?

She’s hot!

Okay, Kris, it’s all on you now.

Make this happen!

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