Reporter Gushes Over Ricky Martin On Live TV and He Heard The Whole Thing

Latinos love Ricky Martin, especially Puerto Ricans. He’s been in our lives for what seems like forever.


Whether you loved him when he was a kid in the boy band, Menudo, as a heartthrob in a slew of telenovelas, or as a solo singer for the past 30+ years, Ricky has made life a whole lot more entertaining.

So, it’s no surprise that he has fans all over the world.


And we know Ricky adores them. He always finds ways to surprise lucky fans and make them feel special, even after years in the business.

One very special fan got to meet Ricky in person, while she was working.

This is reporter Ana Belaval, and she’s been a fan of Ricky’s for a very long time.

The anchor, who appears on WGN Morning News in Chicago, heard that Ricky would be featured on a segment of her program and she HAD to speak to him. There was one problem: Ricky, technically wouldn’t be in the studio, but in a video interview. Ana was also not in the studio but on location working on a different story.

But through the power of TV, Ana was able to be meet him at least through audio.

Ricky and Ana met during the satellite interview, and at first everything went fine.


Ana was able to thank Ricky for all the work he has done for Puerto Ricans everywhere, especially during their recent hurricane recovery. The two had a pretty lengthy chat on air, but then Ana for some reason thought that Ricky had finished the interview and she kept going on and on about how much she loved him.

Ana told viewers (thinking that Ricky wasn’t there anymore) that she “begged WGN Entertainment Reporter Dean Richards to let her in on this interview, even though she wasn’t in the studio.”

“I seriously went very berserk on Dean Richards because you have to understand, when you’re part of a minority, and you don’t have a lot of role models in media, and you have a Ricky Martin that wherever you go in the world, it’s a good name to mention as a Puerto Rican, oh my goodness you feel related to him,” Ana said on TV.

While Ana was gushing over Ricky thinking he was done with the interview, she heard his voice and realized he was still there. Naturally, she freaked out!


She keeps gushing and then finally she hears Ricky respond: “That’s beautiful. I love what I’m hearing.” That’s when Belaval lost it, telling her co-anchors, “Oh he’s still there?! I’m gonna kill you!”

Ricky says, “No! Please, I don’t want to be involved in another ‘American Crime Story.'” Great burn, Ricky.

Watch how it all went down.

Girl, we feel you 100 percent. No need to feel embarrassed. We’d probably act a fool if we were around Ricky too.

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