Ricky Martin Is The Proud Husband As He Shows Off His Husband And New Home

It’s hard not to smile while watching Ricky Martin gush over his new life and husband.

Martin and his new husband, Jwan Yosef, recently opened their L.A. home to Architectural Digest and, no surprise, it is absolutely gorgeous. While the newlyweds give the audience a thorough tour of their home, the two of them spend most of the time bragging about each other. It is so adorable how Martin makes it a point to show off his husband’s art, which is hanging in the house.

It is also equally adorable how Yosef points out his husband’s Grammys. They act exactly like any other newlyweds who just can’t stop telling the world that they just got married and think their spouse is the best thing ever. It is cute af and the video will give you some serious relationship goals envy. But it wasn’t a simple decision for the couple. After all, choosing your home isn’t something you do willy-nilly.

“When we came to L.A. house hunting, we only had three days and we saw 26 homes in three days,” Martin told Architectural Digest. “Our realtor was going crazy. He told us, ‘This is the first house that I’m taking you to. Remember this is going to be your house.’ We were like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ When we walked in here, we fell in love with this house immediately.”

Fans couldn’t even pay attention to the home because of how much they love the couple.

Architectural Digest / YouTube

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And the feature did bring out some of the thirsty fans.

But can you really blame them? You know that you once wished to be married to Ricky. Congratulations, you two!

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