Ricky Martin Came Out Of The Closet Because He Didn’t Want To Teach His Kids To Lie

Sometimes your strength can come from unexpected places.

Ricky Martin recently sat down with CBS Sunday Morning to talk about his Vegas residency, future wedding, his rise to international stardom, and, of course, his adorable kids. The Puerto Rican superstar has captivated audiences around the world for years and he spent a lot of that time lying about and hiding his sexuality. But, it was the birth of his twin sons, Mateo and Valentino, that finally gave martin the push he needed to be honest with himself and the world.

“If I am not honest with my kids, what am I teaching them?” Martin told CBS Sunday Morning about how having his kids inspired him to come out. “I’m teaching them to lie.”

Before the addition of his twin sons Mateo and Valentino, Martin was struggling internally with his sexuality because of society’s pressure and the stigma of being a gay man. As he told CBS Sunday Morning, Martin feared rejection because he had been told for so long that his “feelings were evil” and that by feeling the way he felt about men then he wasn’t a good person. So, in 2010, Martin declared to he world, and his fans, that he is a “fortunate homosexual man.

“Not more that,” Martin said about the shame people tried to place on him for being gay. “I’m a good person and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. No. No. Enough. Not more of that and I have been the happiest man ever since.”

You can read his full interview with CBS Sunday Morning here.

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