Selena Quintanilla’s Dad Slams ricardo martinez

The Telemundo series “El Secreto de Selena” has been controversial from the get-go. The Spanish series is based on the novel by noted journalist María Celeste Arrarás and follows the Tejano star in the months leading up to her death. It also addresses the trial of her killer, Yolanda Saldívar. While the dramatic series has proven to be a success amongst fans, members of the Quintanilla family have proven to be not quite as impressed.

The new series is currently airing on Telemundo and recently Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla spoke out against it.

In a recent post to his Facebook page, Selena’s father criticized Arrarás for the “shameful cartoon she calls a documentary.”

@selenabidibom / Twitter

Speaking of the new series in a Facebook note titled “Healing wounds,” Quintanilla wrote that he was speaking against “the injustice of someone who without regret wants to make my daughter’s memory and image dirty.”

Abraham Quintanilla slammed Arrarás for opting to do a story about his daughter’s murder rather than on her life. He also criticized the journalist for failing to reach out to her family members for interviews and pointed out various issues with the series including scenes that were incorrect, with the inclusion of an affair between Selena and Dr. Ricardo Martinez among them. In 2012, Martinez, who acted as a financial advisor and medical provider to the singer during her lifetime, alleged that he was involved in a relationship with Selena were involved in a relationship.

In response to Quintanilla’s criticism, Arrarás replied in a Facebook note of her own.

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In a post that included an image of Arrarás and Quintanilla posing together for a picture taken decades ago, the journalist wrote “Mr. Quintanilla himself called me to ask me to interview him exclusively.” Arrarás alleged saying that he had done so after she conducted an interview with Yolanda Saldivar before going onto say that “on that occasion, he began by telling me before the cameras that he found it very professional how I questioned and refuted Yolanda Saldivar’s testimonies. It was HIS initiative to carry out that interview in recognition of my journalistic work.”

The reporter also alleged that “before the book was published, when the manuscript was still in my hands, and nobody had read it, Mr. Quintanilla threatened to take legal action to prevent its publication.”

“That threat never materialized because you cannot sue for defamation of work that does not defame,” she explained. “I have no doubt that if the book had any fault or lie, he would have filed a legal process against me, as he did against Chris Pérez, Selena’s widower, who wrote a beautiful book about his relationship with Selena and wanted to take to the screen that love story. Chris was NOT able to do it because Mr. Quintanilla took him to court and prevented him.”

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