Residente Was On ‘The Daily Show’ And It Was Incredible

Residente believes strongly in Puerto Rico.

Rene Perez Joglar, a.k.a. Residente of Calle 13, sat down with Trevor Noah to discuss the political climate in Puerto Rico and he made his stances very clear. For one, he wants for Puerto Rico to finally have a say on who they elect to be their president rather than just sitting on the sidelines. Puerto Rico, a territory of the U.S., is trying to retain it’s own sovereignty, but not being able to choose a leader has really impacted the island nation, according to Perez Joglar.

“I’m on of the 5 percent of people from Puerto Rico that believe in the independence of Puerto Rico,” Residente told Noah. “And, of course, it’s because I would like it to be like the U.S. with one flag, one national anthem, and with a president. We don’t have a president, well we have Trump as the president, but we don’t get to vote for him.”

Residente also talked candidly about how he was banned from performing in Puerto Rico and recently return to put on a show. Residente confirmed that he at one point called a leader of Puerto Rico a “son-of-a-b•tch,” which led to his music being censored and him being banned from entering his home country. He even talked about how his abuela was never able to watch him perform. Luckily for him, the person he called out lost his reelection and Residente was welcomed back to the island.

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