VIDEO: TV Reporter Jumps On Cars At Car Show, Damaging Vintage Cars, And Gets Fired

As a journalist, sometimes it can be a bit tedious to cover the same kind of story year after year. Yes, that’s a straight-up complaint but if the reporter is a person with integrity, they will conduct themselves in a professional manner regardless of the task at hand. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at the same job for one year or 10 years, be respectful of the job you are paid to do. Those are some basic rules for all professions. However, not everyone lives under those guidelines. If you want a lesson on what not to do on the job, look no further than this reporter at a vintage car show.

Reporter Angel Cardenas was conducting a routine live segment for morning viewers on a classic auto show when things went downhill fast.

Credit: Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

Cardenas, a KMAX-TV’s “Good Morning Sacramento” reporter, was on the scene to preview the Sacramento International Auto Show. The segment was featuring a slew of classic cars and Cardenas was clearly clueless about the entire event. His candor with the female anchors was completely casual, almost as if he wasn’t on live television at all. 

When one of the anchors asked him how many cars were at the auto show, Cardenas said, “oh you’re going to put me on the spot?” Cardenas went on to say that he was there with only a coordinator on hand, so he had no basic information to provide viewers. Here’s a pro-tip for emerging reporters: research the event you’re covering before arriving at the event. 

Cardenas took it upon himself to get into one of the cars, which caused damage to the vintage vehicles. 

Credit: Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

“I feel like a kid in a candy store without the owner because you can do anything,” he told viewers. He used that unwarranted freedom to open the door to a vintage pink Ford Thunderbird. When he went to open the door, he took no precaution with the car and ended up hitting the car next to it. “Are you kidding?” one of the anchors says to him “Leave your name and number on the dashboard.” 

Cardenas went on toward the newer cars and even though there was a sign that said “Please keep off displays,” Cardenas said, “can I just finish up this live shot posing on the hood for my friends Tina and Ashley?”

Sure enough, without getting any kind of permission, Cardenas jumped on a Ford SUV as well. He then said, “oh it looks like I’m going to get in trouble,” and he sure did. 

Credit: Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

The Sacramento International Auto Show ended up filing a complaint against Cardenas, which resulted in his termination from the news channel.  The Sacramento International Auto Show released a statement on Facebook, which stated: “After the Producer of the Sacramento International Auto Show reached out to the General Manager of KMAX TV regarding yesterday’s astonishingly awful incident, she received a call this morning from the GM that the reporter from the Good Day Sacramento segment has been terminated immediately and the station expressed their sincerest apologies for the incident.”

It’s no secret that Cardenas likes to cause trouble while on TV. In fact, he has a YouTube channel that pays. He thinks his antics are funny, apparently.

He loves showing off his talents, which include (according to him) dancing, singing, walking into other people’s segments, interviewing a horse, and more! We’re thinking Cardenas doesn’t want to be a reporter but more like a late-night TV host or something. We initially thought Cardenas had no experience as a journalist, considering his unpreparedness, but we stand corrected. According to Newsweek, Cardenas got his B.A. in Communications from Saint Mary’s College of California and had been with “Good Day Sacramento” since 2012. With such an extensive career as a reporter you would think he would no better. Looks like the head honchos at KMAX-TV’s “Good Morning Sacramento” had had enough of his “funny” segments because they ended kicking him to the curb. 

Here’s the entire clip of the segment that got Cardenas fired.

Cardenas has yet to comment on his termination. Do you think he deserved to get fired for that? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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