Reggaetonera Ivy Queen Surprised Two Of Her Biggest Fans Who Gave Her A Very Special Gift

How many of us feel like we have special connections with a certain singer or artist or actor? The type of connection that makes you basically tear up the moment you think about them or a song that has a special meaning for you? I have several…but one of the more popular ones would be Bad Bunny. If I feel like crying, I can sit myself in front of my TV and just watch his music videos and get moved to tears. Juan Gabriel is another. RIP.

But this isn’t about me. And it’s not about Bad Bunny. Ni Juanga.

Mitú organized a very special meeting between her reina, the Ivy Queen herself and two of her biggest fans, Josh and Marcos. The result was an emotional meet and greet that left all three of them (plus all of us watching) feeling all the feels.

Ivy Queen put out a call on social media asking for help in locating old memorabilia.

The Queen of Reggaeton was once asked if a fan were to ever give her something, what would she most want? Her answer surprised many.

In conversation with Mitú, Ivy Queen explains that when she was young she was moving around a lot and bouncing between places to live, so she decided it was best to put most of her stuff in a storage unit. Unfortunately, Queen ended up in a bad situation where she didn’t have the money to pay rent on the storage unit and she lost years of memories and memorabilia, including original copies of her albums.

So, for Ivy Queen, the most meaningful gift she could get from a fan would be one of these original albums or pieces of memorabilia. Enter: Josh and Marcos.

Josh and Marcos heeded her call and sent her a very special piece of her musical history.

Josh and Marcos, two Ivy Queen superfans, began the search for whatever original Ivy Queen merchandise they could get their hands on. Once they had it, they sent it to la reina and prepared themselves for a very special and heartfelt thank you.

The item in question: an original cassette tape of Ivy Queen’s album En Mi Imperio.

Queen points out how much the gift means to her. “It means a lot…because it’s going to be one of the tools I leave to my daughter. I want her to realize that was my first album…when she comes to realize who I am.” She also loves how having a cassette will force her to buy a walkman – remember those?

For Josh and Marcos, the experience was super emotional.

Josh – a super fan since 2006 – points out that he first started listening to Ivy Queen after hearing one of her songs on a Top 10 countdown. He became obsessed with her look, the rhythm, and her lyrics.

Both of them became visually emotional during the powerful meeting and they expressed how much it meant to them to be seen by a woman as famous and as open as Ivy Queen.

For Marcos, he described Ivy Queen as becoming something like a mother figure for her warm embrace of the duo and for being so open with her fans about her struggles and her identity. It was a very special moment and you can see how important it meant to all three of them.

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