RBD Fans Have Another Chance To Live The Band’s Greatest Moments In A Documentary

In less than five years, six actors and singers went from starring in a Mexican novela to becoming global pop superstars. The cast members were Dulce María, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera, and Christopher von Uckermann. The group appeared in the novela “Rebelde,” which spawned the musical pop group RBD. Finally, a documentary is coming out that details their rise to superstardom and what it was like living that life.

A new documentary looks into the rise and end of RBD and how these six people changed the lives of millions of people.


The documentary is directed by Pedro Damián, who created the group. The film features clips from “more than 200 hours of unpublished material that portrays the most intimate moments of the band, from its formation to its breaking, and for the first time, we can see a preview of what it will have,” MTV Latin America reports.

Here’s the trailer.

The documentary explores the short-lived musical group. Four to five years as a group isn’t that huge, so for these six people to be able to have so much fame so fast is pretty astounding.

People on social media could not contain their joy over having RBD back, even if it’s just in a film.

Yes, we got emotional too. Watching singer Christian Chávez crying over how much the group impacted young people was so touching.

The film is like a time machine that takes us back to our childhood.

We’ve grown up right along with them.

Too many emotions in just a couple of minutes.

Just imagine how much worse we will be after we watch the entire thing.

Some are wondering when the film will actually be released.

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There’s no official word as to when the film will be released but our radar is on.

None of the group members, whom are still performing as solo artists, have commented yet about the documentary.


But who knows, the film could make them want them to get back together.

Pedro Damián, the director of the movie and creator of RBD, has already launched a new novela that he hopes has the same success.

It also looks like Cristian Chavez will be in the new novela, and the prototype of the show (and group) will be just the same as “Rebelde.”

The new RBD-inspired novela is called Ponte Like.

But there’s no way in hell this new group will ever replace RBD.

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