These 20 Easy Pranks Will Make Your April Fool’s Day Very Entertaining

A common theme you see among different YouTube channels is the theme of pranks, which is perfect if you need inspiration for April Fool’s Day. Since it is that magical time of year again, why not brush up on some epic pranks from the past.

Here are twenty prank ideas to get you started:

1. Beer Prank

YouTube Danny Muro played this prank on his mom when he was only 16 years old, so as you can see by his mom’s reaction in the video, she wasn’t happy at all.

All you need to pull this prank is an empty Modelo or Cornona beer bottle and enough apple juice to fill the empty beer bottle.

2. Hickey Prank

All you need for this prank is a little bit of pink, red and purple makeup. Just ask your chikibaby to do it for you if you aren’t comfortable enough buying the makeup for it.

3. Toothpaste Oreo Prank

If there’s someone in your family who has a major sweet tooth, then this prank is perfect. All you need is a couple of Oreo cookies and white toothpaste to fill them with. This is one of the most savage pranks known to man.

4. Car Scratch Prank

If you know someone who is obsessed with their car, this is the perfect prank to pull on them. All you need is a couple pieces of clear tape, and some white chalk to complete this prank.

5. Scary Clown Prank

This is the perfect prank to pull on someone who is either terrified of clowns or someone who has just finished watching a horror movie.

6. Teddy Bear Prank

This prank can only be pulled together if you have one of these life size teddy bears. You’ll get the best reaction if you pull the prank on someone who you know believes in evil paranormal activity.

7. “I’m Pregnant” Prank

This prank can get very serious very quickly, so keep that in mind if you decide to commit to this prank.

8. My Water Broke!

This prank is hilarious for expecting parents.

9. Your favorite teddy come to life!

This one brings all the jajajas.

10. Bug Prank

God I would kill my husband

11. The hot sauce prank

YIKES proceed with caution on this one!

12. Boyfriend armpit wax

Yo she waxed her bf’s armpit while sleeping!

13. Calling another girls name while sleeping prank.

Oy this one almost for sure got violent guys.

14. Public haircut prank

The ultimate haircut prank.

15. Propose a baby to your bf prank.

Omg haha his face.

16. The crushing threesome proposal

LOL these three being faced with the most intense proposal. 

17. Hotel invasion prank 

Anyone who can pull this off gets an Oscar. 

18.The I sold your dog prank

Way worse than an I lost your dog prank! The betrayal.

19. Firework prank

The sparks really went flying when he realized what happened. 

20. Worms in sandwhich prank

If you’re planning on pranking your friends or family, tag us in your videos on Instagram or Twitter! Happy April Fool’s Day! 

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