This Mariachi Band Probably Has No Idea Who Post Malone Is, But They Performed A Song With Him And It Was Lit

Over the weekend at The Rolling Loud hip hop festival in Miami, musical magic was made behind the scenes when hip-hop artist Post Malone and Rich Chigga met for the first time. The two embraced as friends who’d known each other forever but never really met in person (basically when happens when you meet one of your Instagram followers) right before something incredible happened…

Post Malone, Rich Chigga and a mariachi band got together at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami and made diverse AF musical history.

According to lead singer Marcos Sanchez Jr.’s Twitter account, the Indonesian-Chinese rapper Rich Chigga, as a gift to his new friend, brought the mariachi band with him to perform Post Malone’s hit “Congratulations” on the spot. Someone captured the whole interaction on shaky vertical cam footage that was posted on Twitter and then to YouTube over the weekend.

The mariachi band can be seen slowly learning it from a scraggly piece of paper, while Post Malone fills in at certain parts.

The whole time the older mariachi group members look on like “who the heck are these guys?” But, they indulge the strangeness of what was happening like the professionals they are and proceeded to jam. They went from being novices of the song, to pros, adding a level of cool that may never be matched again.

Someone compiled all the shaky videos and put them on YouTube, you can see them all here:

Check the videos out and peep how adding a mariachi band to your remix can make it ten times better. We did it with this classic Disney song, mariachi goes with everything.

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