Freeform’s Reboot of ‘Party Of Five’ Is About a Mixed-Status Latino Family And The Trailer Will Make You Cry

There’s no question: Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the United States and networks are starting to notice. The CW tried and failed to market to this growing demographic by advertising an all Latina cast for its reboot of Charmed. The cast was simply not all Latina, but Latina-passing, and reflected superficial aspects of Latin culture.

Freeform’s reboot of 90’s sitcom Party of Five looks much more promising. The original series follows a Mexican family of five children after they lose their parents in a car accident. By the looks of the trailer, the reboot isn’t a car accident that destroys a family, but rather ICE.

Looks like we’ll be invested in the lives of the Acosta children real soon.

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Brandon Larracuente plays the oldest son, Emilio, who will now take on the role of caregiver for his younger sisters. Niko Guardado plays younger brother, Beto, and Emily Tosta plays sister Lucia. Young Ell Paris Legaspi will play Valentina, and there’s an infant in the picture as well.

The trailer opens up with an ICE agent asking to see Mr. Acosta’s papers.


While the children beg the agent not to take their parents, they’re powerless from ICE’s reign. Pretty immediately, we learn that the Acosta children’s parents are being deported. ????

Mr. Acosta’s parting words to Emilio are “ser fuerte, mijo. Fuerte.”

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The family is separated behind a wired fence as the Acosta children watch their parents crying and being forcibly removed. Emilio looks to his father for some last advice before he takes on incredible grief and responsibility.

At this point, Freeform is changing hearts and minds.


This is the fear for so many Latinos and immigrants in America. This trauma is happening to children every single day. We hope that viewers will be able to empathize more strongly with immigrants after relating to these characters on screen.

We hear Emilio narrating how he feels he’s messing up as a pseudo-parent.


“My brother’s failing school. My sister who used to be perfect is so angry at the world and I don’t know how to make that better. My little sister is going to need a bra any day now, without a mom to get her through that. The baby has thrush and I don’t know if I did that.”

Only to find out he was venting to someone who is “required to report those concerns to social services.”

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This series promises to touch on the complex, layered and compounded issues facing immigrant families. The system breaks them and when Emilio reaches out for help, his family is threatened even further.

We can expect to see how the family stays connected across borders via technology.


The trailer cuts to images of the Acosta parents sitting across a metal table and FaceTiming with their children, whose phone screens are cracked. No detail is too small. This is what life looks like.

And time goes on.


Their infant brother is seen having his diaper changed by varying siblings. He celebrates his first birthday with some flan, and without his parents there. This is family life now.

Fans seem to think this story will offer much needed credibility to Freeform.

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Freeform continues to give us shows like The Fosters and Good Trouble which offer strong, women of color leads. Party of Five is in good company in that regard.

The series debut date has not been released, but we expect it later this year.

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This is huge. We’re getting an entire show centered on a mixed-status family. Share your excitement and spread the word on your social by sharing this page.

You can watch the trailer below.

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