Ozuna And Cardi B’s Music Video For ‘La Modelo’ Has Finally Dropped And It Has Us Seeing Double

Credit: Ozuna/ YouTube

After teasing for months, Ozuna and Cardi B’s music video for “La Modelo” has finally dropped and it’ll definitely have you seeing double. Shot in Jamaica, the Jamaican flag, Rastafari colors, and the beauty of the island and its people are front and center in the video. It also features Cardi B singing for the first time in her career. Regardless of how you feel about her voice, she’s also got a dope verse on the track, so you don’t feel like you’ve been swindled. Ozuna is on point as always and the video is hot fire.

The first glimpse we got of a possible team up between these two came a couple months ago.


With Ozuna, Cardi B, Offset, Yampi, and Jamaican music producer Rvssian in the studio, you know something crazy was being cooked up. All of us fans just had to sit and wait patiently.

Then a month after that, another glimmer of Cardi B and Ozuna’s joint project surfaced.


This still of them together bathed in the red light of what appears to be a flare stoked the flames again. At this point it was pretty much a certainty that music, and what appeared to be a music video, were on their way.

Then Rvssian posted this video which brought it all together.

Cardi B let us know, where the music was being shot, who was in it, and how it was “hot than a mother fucker” out in Jamaica while working on the video.

Take a look at the long teased song and music video below.

Credit: Ozuna/ YouTube

Song’s so hot, Cardi B’s wearing flames on her outfit. Get’em Cardi! ?

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