This OITNB Actress Is So Beloved For Her Portrayal Of A Latina In The Struggle They Named A Street After Her In The Bronx

Credit: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah / Comedy Central

“Orange Is The New Black” star Selenis Leyva, of Cuban and Dominican descent, was recently on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah talking about her role on the show, but also what her role means for Latinos and the underrepresented. They quickly got to talking about some diet-spoilers on the show, so cover your ears if you still haven’t gotten around to binging yet. Noah makes an excellent point that “OITNB” has evolved from telling the prison’s story from a white point of view to a black point of view. It also has a strong Latina voice this season, which one person in the audience prematurely cheered about before everyone burst into applause.

Leyva goes on to talk about the importance of representation, saying, “Growing up, I didn’t see myself on TV.” Leyva added: “There’s a little girl out there in the Bronx, you know, just like me where I grew up and she’s like ‘That’s me. I could do it. So, it’s bigger.” Which really hits home when Noah mentions how they’ve named a street after her in the Bronx. “That’s crazy.”

Check out the whole video to hear the importance of what the show is doing for the stories of, as Leyva puts it, “those that usually remain voiceless.”

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