Their Love Pushed Them To New Artistic Heights, Now She’s Carrying On Prince’s Legacy

Love is a wonderful thing, right?

But what about heartbreak? For Shelia E., love and heartbreak have been two of the main driving forces throughout her illustrious music career. Her talents as a drummer and her love of Prince, who died just over a year ago, helped create some of that generation’s most important music. Their love was so strong, Prince once famously proposed to Sheila E. while onstage, during a performance of “Purple Rain.” The heartbreaking end to their relationship, however, pushed Sheila E. to pursue her own musical projects, where she could continue to grow as an artist. And in the end, both Sheila E. and Prince had a connection that few people are lucky enough to find during their short time on Earth.

On what would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, Sheila E. has released cover of Prince’s “America.”

When Prince died, Sheila E. put her music projects on hold and began working on an album of covers. In Sheila E.’s words, she “wanted to create a music project that speaks to our confusing time and draws on the music of the past.” Sheila E., as Rolling Stone reported, believed Prince’s “America” was relevant because it was a “response to Reagan-era paranoia over nuclear war during the mid-Eighties.”

The project is so important to her that she reached out to fans to help pay for the album. For Sheila E., money isn’t an issue. As she once told Prince, Rolling Stone reported, “I’m not here to play your music to get paid because it’s money, money has nothing to do with it, I’m here because I love you. I don’t care about your money.” For Sheila E. “Iconic” is about love.

Check out Sheila E.’s cover of Prince’s “America,” available exclusively at Rolling Stone.

(H/T: Rolling Stone)

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