Netflix Is Paying The ’13 Reasons Why Cast’ More Than The ‘On My Block’ Cast Of Color, Here’s Why That’s Caca

About two weeks before the cast of “On My Block” is scheduled to sit down for the first table read of Season 3, the series’ lead characters Sierra Capri (Monse), Diego Tinoco (Cesar), Jason Genao (Rudy), and Bett Gray (Jamal) are reportedly looking to get an increase in their pay per episode. According to Deadline, the cast is “still at a standstill with Netflix with their salary negotiation talks, with the two sides very far apart.”

As a result, the salary negotiations are causing major speculations about the future of the show. 

The “On My Black” cast is looking to come to an agreement of similar salary figures to that of the “13 Reasons Why” cast.


 Last summer, it was reported by Deadline that the cast of “13 Reasons of Why” was working with Netflix for contract renegotiations and salary bumps ahead of Season 3. Additionally, the “Stranger Things” cast reportedly went from making around $30,000 to $250,000 an episode. 

According to Pop Buzz, “Capri, Tinoco, Genao, and Gray are all reportedly seeking a raise in their salaries ahead of the upcoming season 3.  For the first two seasons, they are said to have earned $20,000 per episode. Season one and two both contained 10 episodes. Each of the main four cast members would have earned an estimated $400,000 for 18 episodes.”

The upcoming third season has reportedly been cut down to only 8 episodes.

“If they keep the same salary, they will earn $40,000 less than their work on the first two seasons, despite the growing success of the show, and the actor’s profiles,” reports Pop Buzz.

Just one month after season 2 of “On My Block” was released, the show was renewed for a third season earlier this year in April. This came as a surprise to many viewers since it took some time to confirm a renewal for season 2. 

Jason Genao, who you may remember from the TV series “The Get Down” and the movie Logan, also recently appeared in the fantasy and Sci-Fi movie, “Max Winslow and the House of Secrets,” according to his IMDb page. Brett Gray also recently appeared in Ava DuVernay’s groundbreaking Netflix series “When They See Us.” Jessica Marie Garcia is reportedly playing a character in Gina Rodriguez’s latest Disney+ TV show, “Diary of a Female President” set to premiere next year. 

With the actor’s profiles gaining momentum, it’s no surprise that they want their salary to reflect their talent.

Deadline reports that the reps of the four actors went into negotiations asking for $250,000 an episode and Netflix countered with an offer for $40,000 an episode. 

Since these negotiations, there reportedly has been no communication since. “Netflix is yet to formally pick up the actors’ options, which is needed for them to continue, or pay relocation fees for the cast to travel to Los Angeles for the table read and filming.” 

People on social media also had some thoughts about why it’s proving to be so difficult for a cast of Black and brown young actors to come to terms with salary negotiations compared to their white counterparts. 

“And then there is the inclusion aspect,” writes Nellie Andreeva in a Deadline article. “‘On My Block’ is a rare Netflix series with a cast whose members are actors of color, so the issue of equal pay is coming up in conversations. Additionally, ‘On My Block,’ which depicts a group that has been underrepresented on TV, inner-city youth, has been used by Netflix executives as an example of their commitment to diverse storytelling following the recent cancellation of ‘One Day at a Time.'” 

In Deadline’s report, it’s also noted that Netflix argues that their hesitance toward a salary increase for the “On My Block” cast is that the series is produced under a “low-budget model.”

“But if despite its lower budget, ‘On My Block’ is able to perform on par and sometimes better than far more expensive Netflix series, that should serve to the creative auspices and talent’s advantage that they are delivering a profitable show and should be rewarded,” writes Andreeva

In either case, it looks as if Netflix is slowly losing the trust of its actors of color. 

In a nutshell, it’s difficult to trust for Netflix to do the right thing for the cast of “On My Block” when at the end of the day, it may come off as if the streaming service is simply profiting off these young actors without paying them their dues. 

After all, On My Block was listed as Netflix’s most-binged show in 2018 in the U.S.

The numbers should speak for themselves. And la gente should get that dinero!

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