The International Sports Community Is Mourning The Unexpected Drowning Death Of A Record Setting Runner

Olympic runner David Torrence was found dead in an Arizona swimming pool on August 28.

Torrence, who was 31, originally trained with the U.S. Olympic team but switched to Peru for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (his mother is from Peru). Torrence was found at the bottom of a pool at an apartment complex in Scottsdale, Ariz. Torrence, who had a home in Malibu, left California to train in Arizona, according to AZCentral. In July, Malibu Times reported that Torrence had set national records in running for Peru with a mile time of 3 minutes, 53.21 seconds at the Adrian Martinez Classic, a Massachusetts-based competition.

The news of Torrence’s unexpected death has sent shock waves through the running community.

It’s clear from the messages that he was beloved among runners around the world.

Torrence’s death is still under investigation.

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