Twitter LOL’d So Hard At Nike’s Outfits That They Thought Were Inspired By Mexican School Outfits

In early 2018, Nike launched some sportswear for women and Twitter got a hold of it because something about them looked oddly familiar.


The khaki and black combo — which averages about $160 for the set — is actually very similar to certain uniforms in Mexico.

As Luis Ricardo from Puebla, Mexico, said on Twitter, the company must have been inspired by their public school uniforms.

“Like SEP says, ‘Keep the same pants until Nike gets inspired by them.’ And it worked,” @RamosAparte tweeted.

The new line is almost identical to that of uniforms delegated by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), which is known as Mexico’s public school system.

A publication in Mexico also agreed.

“The new #Nike collection will take you back to secondary school,” @Mileno added.

The color scheme is just too similar.

People straight up clowned Nike for the similarities.

They really are so similar to the school uniforms that it is hard not to clown them on it.

Some people on Twitter are having flashbacks to their school days.

Imagine walking into a store and seeing your old school uniforms as the height of fashion. Talk about shook.

Others believe they can easily replicate the “fresh” look.

That is genius. Who wants to send me their uniforms so I can be all cool and stuff?

Some think the designer is just into Mexico’s taste in fashion.

When is Mexico not an inspiration?

But how many times have you seen school uniforms dictate fashion trends?


We’ll wait.

Some people did seem less than thrilled that it seems the coporation ripped off a Mexican school uniform.

Others hope Mexico is getting some kind of royalty check from the designers.

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