The Coolest Gifts To Give Yourself And Ensure You Start The New Year Con Ganas

This whole New Year, New Me phrase was so last decade. Let’s be honest, most of us only keep up with this resolution attitude for a few days still, the New Year is the perfect reason to treat yourself with new gifts.

Want to know what the future holds for you? This Magic Ocho Ball has all the answers.

The Magic Ocho Ball has arrived and has all the Latino answers to our most pressing questions like, will I eat sobras the entire month of January? Will My bestie finally leave that inútil? Will I finally leave the nest this year when I turn 36? This Magic Ocho Ball responds in phrases we use every day like “No Pos Wow” and “Ponte Las Pilas.” You need this.

No expensive protein powders needed. Your fabulous 2020 body was built with nature’s finest and this shirt has never lied.

Pupusas and curtido built your chiseled Salvadoran body and you must tell the world wearing this shirt. (More variations available in our mitú Shop.)

When people ask what your motto is going into the new year, this will prevent the metiches from asking follow up questions about your love life.

Let’s be honest. Some people are much better off alone than in a relationship and that’s perfectly okay. Singles know how to have fun and make themselves happy and really, what’s more empowering than that?

Nothing gets you in the mood to work out like joggers with a picture of your ultimate body goals, Guacardo.

And nothing gets me in the mood to lay on the couch and eat papitas like joggers with a picture of Guacardo.

After the holiday break, walk into the office recharged and with fancy new jewelry that reminds you who you are.

You are a jefa and you know it! ????

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