Guacardo Is Back And With A Brand New Range Of Goodies: From Clothes To Mugs, The Iconic Avocado’s New Merch Is Fire

October is coming to an end and with that comes a time to start thinking of gifting season. So if want to avoid as much holiday stress as possible, here’s a list to help you get ahead of the game. We prepared a roundup of the best, most funny and witty gifts we have in store.

Rep your love for mitú’s classic character Guacardo, in clothes emblazoned in the avocado’s signature seriousness and awkward face.

Created by one of our mitú animators, Danna Galeano, this animated avocado has made his way through mitú’s Snapchat Discover channel, to Instagram and Facebook for a few years now. From classic films to iconic music videos, Guacardo jumped to stardom by turning popular scenes from the world of entertainment into ridiculous parodies, remember?

Your favorite awkward avocado is back in store — and there’s a whole range of ways to take your animated aguacate with you everywhere. Here are the very best and brand spanking new additions to our mitú shop.

Click here to shop all of our Guacardo wall art for your new depa.

Get your hands on collectible Guacardo spooky movie pins.

Are you ready for a spooky surprise this Halloween? Our Collectible Guacardo Halloween Mystery Pin is exactly what you need! These special pins are sold as blind bags which come with a limited edition Guacardo pin inspired by iconic characters you might recognize including: Zombieguac, Pennyguac, Witch I’m Fabulous Guacardo, Frankenguac, Out Of This World Guacardo and Werewolf Guacardo.

The blind bag means that when you purchase, you will receive a mystery pin. And for a little retro horror movie twist, each pin has a black and white version, so there’s 12 in total for you to collect! They also come in a really cool stand, perfect for displaying your entire collection.

Shop our Guacardo Mystery Pin Collection here.

Ooky spooky, Guacardo Ghost onesie is perfect for every travieso or traviesa in your life.

This one’s for the little ones. Spooky season is almost coming to an end, and before the time of ghosts, catrinas and witches draws to a close this year, get that little brujo in the family a trick-or-treat worthy onesie. Guacardo is the cutest, most awkward, ghost you’ll ever see —guaranteed.

Click here to shop this spooktacular baby onsie.

Guacardo sweatpants are great for the athlete in the family… or for the fodongo / fodonga who loves lounging in sweats all day (no gym required).

Whether you’re getting ready for that 10K run or taking it slow on your couch — these joggers are sure to make you feel comfortable either way. And what’s more, they’re packed with Guacardo’s avocado superpowers.

Click here ot buy these cozy Guacardo joggers.

A nerdy sweatshirt always comes through with the cozies during crisp study nights.

Guacardo is the quintessential nerd. With his awkward humor and cringe-worthy social skills,  a sweatshirt emblazoned with your favorite avocado-pal’s intellectual ootd is the best cozy piece to wear on a long and cold study night! It’s warm, cozy and awesome, and perfect for that primo who’s still struggling to get his college diploma.

Click here to shop this cozy Guacardo nerdy sweatshirt.

The Guacardo Parade Tee is it for the OG Guacardo fans.

The only thing better than wearing an avocado cartoon on your shirt, is wearing a whole gang of iconic Latino references turned into cartoons, and characterized with their own cute little personas. This is a perfect conversation starter but also just very cute. Sidenote: it’s 100% cotton, so ‘pura calidad’.

Click here to shop this Guacardo Parade Tee.

Don’t know what to get for your little primo or prima? The Guacardo Plushie will have everyone saying awwwww!

You asked for it, so we made it! Introducing the BIG Guacardo plushie! Your favorite awkward avocado is now available in a huggable, squishable, throwable, loveable form! He’s soft and perfect for cuddles. Thicc butt included. Everyone will love it.

Click here to shop the BIG Guacardo Plushie!

For the discreet and stylish — this Guacardo embroidered snapback goes with eeeeverything.

The perfect accessory for that hipster friend who hikes on Sundays and hunts down vintage records in fleamarkets on Saturdays. This classic snapback is a timeless piece to accessorize any hipster occasion. Cop the hat in khaki, it matches with anything. And Guacardo, he’s basically an added value, just like guacamole — he goes with anything.

Click here to shop this Guacardo hat.

For the political animal in the family — aka your drunk tíos, the Guacardo for president mug is sure to settle any kind of political disagreement.

We all know that group of tíos or compadres that get a little too political at the most awkward times. No better present for a political animal than a mug, emblazoned with the very best candidate the world will ever see. Appeal to your tío’s political savvy with this ‘Guacardo for president’ mug, and remember: the future is green!

We all have a prima who, like, loves to brunch and she, like, totallly needs this in her life.

I, for one, may or may not be found guilty of being a basic brunch b*tch —definitely  guilty. There’s nothing I find more enjoyable than gorging on piece of bread smeared with avocado on a Sunday morning (and paying $14 for it). So here’s to all the brunch-loving, avocado toast-eating primas or amigas, may we be them, may we raise them, may we all gift them their very own Guacardo brunchin’ tee.

Click here to shop our unisex Guacardo basic brunch tee.

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