Netflix Is Nailing Their Take On The Colombian Telenovela ‘La Reina Del Flow’

Netflix recently purchased and streamed a Colombian telenovela, The Queen of Flow (or La Reina del Flow) and we’re all screaming. It has all the parts of the telenovelas we were raised to love with Netflix-level production. The novela premiered at No. 1 on Colombia’s Caracol Channel back in June and resonated with viewers who could relate to the everyday violence de Medellín and the salvation that music can offer.

If you’re a Spanglish speaker, you’ll appreciate the English subtitles to get the full impact of the drama. Carolina Ramírez stars as Yeimy Montoya, an undercover DEA agent back for revenge on the man who first put her in prison 17 years ago.

No, La Reina Del Flow is a telenovela. Here are all the ways that prove it.

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There’s vengeance, murderers, secret identity, and it’s Colombia, not Columbia, FYI.

The love triangle begins very young.


Every novela has a love triangle. Left to right, we see a young Charly Flow persuading Yeimy to join Juancho and Charly’s band, Soul and Bass. Yeimy is in love with Charly, whose heart will never know love. Meanwhile, Juancho is falling for Yeimy, but the two just call each other pezecito and are mejor amigos.

There’s a tío everyone fears, and this one’s a drug lord.


Here, Charly is sitting with his mother and his uncle Manín. We later find out that Manín killed his own brother (Charly’s father) to be closer to Charly’s mom. The two end up marrying years later and when she wants to divorce him, he kidnaps her.

Yeimy’s parents are murdered.


They were tired of paying off Manín for “protection” and were murdered by his men. Young Yeimy doesn’t know any of this, or Manín’s evil plan to buy off their house. So he plans to have her murdered.

Yeimy grows up to be a super goddess.

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When we flash forward to the future, Yeimy is a total bombshell. Te juro that you’ll have dreams she’s trying to sabotage your life and you’ll like it.

Charly plants Yeimy with cocaine to prevent Manín from killing her.


This is all after he pretends to love her back after she witnesses him on a dirty job for Manín and Charly wants her to keep quiet about it. They’re all on their way to New York to sell their music and Charly steals all her lyrics and goes off on his own.

Yeimy spends 17 years in jail planning her revenge on Charly Flow and comes back undercover as Tammy Andrade.


Every telenovela has a vengeful woman you either love or hate (i.e. Teresa and Rubí). Trust, that you’ll fall in love with Carolina Ramírez (Yeimy Montoya).

When Charly and Manín find out she’s being released early, they organize an attempted murder that didn’t pan out. The DEA let everyone believe she died and put her back in Medellín undercover as a music producer named Tammy.

You’ll really hate Charly Flow.

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There’s always a nemesis. This story line will leave you cheering for the impending fight.

The show is addicting AF.

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Like every telenovela, it will ruin your life. There are 82 episodes of La Reina del Flow. Strategize or don’t, but make sure your fridge is stocked when you start.

There are dudes with stupid high expectations of women.

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So Yeimy has had sex with a man once in her life, and it was with the guy that planned her demise.

Charly and ‘Erik’ have no idea they’re father and son.

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Grown baby boy Charly Flow (right) thinks that Erik is his adopted brother, even though he’s the spitting image of his younger self. I mean, young Charly and Erik are played by the same actor.

When Yeimy finds out her son didn’t die in a fake fire and is actually Erik, we get a montage.


Whenever a big secret is revealed in any telenovela, we get a cheesy montage.

Then Yeimy can’t tell Erik because he only knows her as Tammy Andrade.


That’s an awkward thing to tell your son. “Hey, so, I’m your mother, Yeimy Montoya. But I’ve had a fake identity the whole time I’ve known you to get revenge on your comemierda of a father. Let’s have a relationship now.”

Por supuesto, there’s a shocking kill-off of a character.


Charly is behind it all. He tried to scare someone, when things went wrong and she was killed in the process.

He then tries to frame Yeimy.


Though, he doesn’t know that Tammy is Yeimy, so he really has a very toxic pattern of behavior and I truly hope he dies in an alligator pit.

It’s not a telenovela unless your mami is obsessed.

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Call your mami right now and binge watch this together. I told my mom three days ago and she’s twenty episodes in. My calculations are correct. This is a telenovela fuerte.

There are dramatic self-confessions tapes circulating everywhere.


Yeimy tells her life story and how Charly has framed her and it’s released on social media in crumbs while she hides out so Charly doesn’t kill her. This woman couldn’t be ugly if she tried.

Another love triangle develops…


Juancho wrote letters to Yeimy for years and years while she was in jail and never stopped thinking of her and defending her. When he found out she died, he proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Cata.

Cata loves Juancho, Juancho loves Yeimy, Yeimy….loves Juancho?!

Te lo juro that your life is about to change as you know it.

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This is it. This is the most important element of a telenovela. Someone tells you how juicy it is. Grab the baton and run with it, mija.

Because Netflix has announced there will be a Part 2!

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We’ve got another 82 episodes to look forward to, paseros. En el nombre del Dios, I bless you with the gift of  La Reina Del Flow, now streaming on your favorite app.

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