She Met El Chapo And Now She’s Revealing How It All Went Down

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“I was terrified.”

In January of 2016, Rolling Stone magazine shocked the world when it published an exclusive interview with Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. It was a huge “get” — the Sinaloa Cartel leader was notoriously elusive and infamous for escaping from not one, but two prisons. The interview was conducted by actor Sean Penn, who in his story revealed that fellow actor Kate del Castillo had not only been communicating with El Chapo, but had also facilitated the interview with the drug boss. Del Castillo had previously spoken out against El Chapo, so the revelation of their “friendship” came as a surprise.

Eventually, transcripts of text messages between del Castillo and El Chapo revealed that the drug boss had a substantial crush on the Mexican actress. Del Castillo explained that she was just “playing along” so she could get El Chapo to appear in a documentary about his life. Some were skeptical, saying del Castillo was too friendly with El Chapo for it to be purely business.

Now, Netflix has released a teaser for “The Day I Met El Chapo,” a three-part documentary series about del Castillo’s experience meeting the cartel leader. The series promises never-before-seen footage and previously unreported details about their meeting.

“As an actress, I’ve been given the opportunity to portray fascinating fictional characters, roles I am very proud of. Now I get the chance to tell my story, my reality, my truth. This project will dive into how it began, why I pursued accepting the rights to the life story of one of the most controversial narco figures and what happened after,” said del Castillo in a press release.

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