Authorities Are Investigating After An American Journalist Was Shot In The Leg While Reporting In Mexico

A National Geographic journalist was hospitalized after being shot in the leg. The American journalist was reporting in the state of Chihuahua when he was shot in the leg in an ambush attack while interviewing a drug dealer. Here’s what we know so far.

A National Geographic journalist was hospitalized after being shot in a leg during an interview.

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According to the El Paso Times, the journalist was interviewing a drug dealer in a home where drugs are sold in Juarez, Mexico. During the interview, a rival drug cartel broke into the house and opened fire on everyone inside. The journalist was shot in the leg and the man that was being interviewed was killed.

Mexico recently was named among the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.

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Twelve journalists have been killed so far in Mexico this year. The total number of deaths and their consistency has move Mexico ahead of Syria as the deadliest country in the world for journalists. Journalists in Mexico face increasing danger for reporting on drug cartels, politicians, and organized crime. Even being a location scout can be deadly as we saw with a Netflix employee scouting locations for “Narcos: Mexico.”

People on social media are reacting with fear and anger over the shooting.

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The same culture that has led to the deaths of so many journalists is also the same culture threatening the citizens of Mexico. Disappearances and gang-related violence have made some places in Mexico dangerous for tourists and citizens alike.

Journalists face violence for doing their job and the attacks on the press are not helping to make things safer.

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Journalists often go where other people are too scared to go to get the full story. Journalists cover wars from within the very units and people fighting the war getting as close as they can to the action. The same goes for the journalists in Mexico covering the ongoing drug war fought between rival drug cartels.

People are showing their respect for the journalists willing to risk their lives to do the job so many choose not to do.

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According to El Paso Times, the journalist was accompanied by three other American journalists who all went back to the U.S. after the attack. Jorge Nava, an attorney general for the northern part of Chichuhua, called the mission by the journalist “risky.” Nava also confirmed to El Paso Times that two other drug cartel members were killed in the same house in April of this year.

Authorities are still investigating the shooting.

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Nava said that the shooters appear to be female and all the journalists at the home gave statements to authorities before the left to go back to the U.S.

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