This Mom Getting Surprised By JLo Is All of Us Being Surprised By JLo

Talk about a surprise.

YouTuber David Dobrik decided to surprise his friend’s mother with a very special meeting with Jennifer Lopez. Now, it wasn’t as straightforward as getting his friend’s mom to a place with no knowledge and all of a sudden Lopez is there. Lopez was also unaware that she was going to be surprising someone’s mom. Instead of just coming right out with the plan, the prankster created game. Lope had to reach into a box blind to touch what was in the box and guess what was there. First were bananas then spaghetti and it all seems pretty innocent. Dobrik even teased Lopez and scared her when she would touch things.

Then came the real game. His friend mother sat under the table and her the top of her head poke up into the bottom of the box. Lopez started to feel around but freaked out when she realized it had hair. She even joked about how whatever it was was dead and Dobrik went along claiming it has been through a lot.

Lopez was shocked when she was told it was his friend’s mom. Then they finally met and the mom went into full mother mode and started complimenting Lopez on her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. She really sat there and complimented her over and over until Lopez was near tears. It was low key a pretty magical moment.

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