mitú Shop Is Having A 12 Days Of Christmas Sale And Here’s Where We Slashed Prices

We know why you’re here. You spent all your money on Black Friday on gifts for yourself and now you’re panicking. You have no money and no gift ideas left. Not to worry. We know Latinos are always late, so we saved our best sales for you.

December 6 — 20% Off All Tees

You can never go wrong with giving someone a shirt as a gift — especially when it’s one of our famous prank shirts that were designed with the intent to get back at your parents ????.

Click here to shop all of the tees in our mitú Shop.

December 7 — 20% Off All Kids Apparel

We come from big HUGE Latino families and if you don’t have kids yourself, you probably have young cousins or your cousins have young kids. The point is, there’s bound to be a baby who you need a gift for. Now’s your chance to cross that baby’s name off your list and save some money, too.

Click here to shop all kids apparel in our mitú Shop.

December 8 — 20% Off All Aprons

Aprons make the perfect gift because it’s not something you necessarily want to spend money on for yourself but if someone gives you an apron you will use it over and over. These are great for parents, tíos y tías and even that primo you call a mandil-ón.

Click here to shop all aprons in our mitú Shop.

December 9 — 20% Off All Mugs

The mug you drink out of says so much about your personality. Don’t be a friend or relative that lets loved ones drink out of boring mugs and cop one of our mugs that are now on sale.

Click here to shop all the mugs in our mitú Shop.

December 10 — 20% Off All Holiday Merch

No one makes ugly holiday sweaters like mitú. Grab one for your holiday party, family party or for that friend that never knows what to wear to holiday parties.

Click here to shop all the holiday merch in our mitú Shop.

December 11 — 20% Off All Sweatshirts

Tis the season to bundle up in layers of clothing. Luckily buying layers and layers doesn’t have to be expensive. All of our sweatshirts are now on sale!

Click here to shop all sweatshirts in our mitú Shop.

December 12 — 20% Off All Guacardo Products

We know you have been waiting for the perfect excuse to get your hands on Guacardo products. Well, now is the time. This handsome, mischevious, butt-shaking, avocado is now on sale.

Click here to shop all the Guacardo products in our mitú Shop.

December 13 — 20% Off All Hats And Beanies

You never think you need a hat until… you’re bald and you realize its freezing cold or you wake up with greasy hair. There’s no in between. Go ahead and order a just-in-case hat for yourself or as a gift now that they’re on sale.

Click here to shop all the hats and beanies in our mitú Shop.

December 14 — 20% Off All mitú’s Picks

Okay, you’re cutting it close. You only have a few, VERY FEW, days left to get your gifts delivered on time before Christmas. The mitú team hand-picked what we think would make the perfect gift for friends and family. Now that we did all the homework for you all you have to do is click the button above and purchase. You’re welcome.

Click here to shop all of our mitú picks in our mitú Shop.

December 15 — 20% Off All Pins

With so many people in our families, you’re bound to forget to buy someone a gift. Pins are the perfect lifesaver in these situations. Grab a handful of pins and thank us later.

Click here to shop all the pins in our mitú Shop.

December 16 — Additional 20% Off All Sale

If you waited until Dec. 16, we feel bad for you son. We got 99 problems but gifts ain’t one. We know that by now you’ve probably spent a ton of money (or none at all) on gifts. To cut you some slack we are reducing our sale items by an additional 20%.

Click here to shop all sale items in our mitú Shop.

December 17 — $25 Gift Card For $20

If you have a colleague, family member, Secret Santa pick and you absolutely don’t know what to get them… just do what everyone else does and give them a gift card… for less.

Click here to shop the gift cards in our mitú Shop.

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