Here’s How Mexico Fans Are Showing Their Love For South Korea In This Year’s World Cup

Before Mexico’s final group match against Sweden, Mexico fans were extremely anxious about the results of the game. Even though Mexico had won their first two games, they were still at risk of being eliminated from the World Cup with this match. After being defeated by Sweden with a score of 3-0, Mexico needed a Germany draw or a South Korea win to advance to the next round.

Late in the game, South Korea scored twice and defeated Germany, knocking the defending champions out of the tournament and putting Mexico through to the next round. In response to this win, Mexico fans across the internet praised South Korea with memes, GIFs and hilarious Tweets.

Here are just a few of the best ones:

One fan shared this GIF and said, “This was all Mexico fans before and after the Korea goals were announced.”

@keanustan / Twitter / June 27, 2018

LOL. This was me! ????

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