This Mexican Director’s Latest Horror Movie Has Already Earned Him A Best Director Award From The Venice Film Festival

Mexican director Amat Escalante is no stranger to controversy. His 2013 entry into the Cannes Film Festival, “Heli” earned him the award for Best Director, but its graphic depictions of violence and sexual abuse also created outrage among festival-goers. Escalante said that in Mexico, a country where graphic imagery from cartel violence is a part of daily life, “nobody complained about the violence.”

Escalante’s latest horror-fantasy, “La Region Salvaje,” dives deep into a world of misogyny and homophobia.



According to The Hollywood Reporter, those unfamiliar with Escalante’s work may find “La Region Salvaje” — a.k.a. “The Untamed” — another shocking, but wholly original experience. Escalante, Variety reports, transformed two real world stories into a movie that rides the line between straight up horror and drama, using themes such as psychological and sexual abuse. The film, for which Escalante won a Silver Lion for Best Directing at the 2016 Venice Film Festival, had time finding North American distribution until recently, until the Strand Releasing stepped in to pick up North American rights for the movie.

After the acquisition, the company said, “[…] Championing international storytellers like Amat Escalante represents a heroic commitment to storytelling without borders.”

Check out the borderline NSFW trailer right here.

Cine maldito / YOUTUBE

Check back for updates as more new is available on “La Region Salvaje.”

[H/T] Mexican Horror Movie ‘The Untamed’ Picked Up by Strand Releasing (EXCLUSIVE)

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