She Had Been Dropping Hints On IG For A Minute But It’s Confirmed: ‘Cars 3’ Has A Latina Lead!

Cristela Alonzo has been having a phenomenal year. The stand up comedian and actor had a successful Netflix special, “Lower Classy,” drop back in January. Her observations are so sharp and universal, but also culturally relevant to her Mexican-American experience, that you’ll be rolling on the floor if you’re not already laugh-crying. She also has a pilot in the works at ABC.

Today, her career took a cool step in a different direction with the launch of the official U.S. trailer of her next project: “Cars 3.”

The trailer to  “Cars 3” just dropped, and to our pleasant surprise, Alonzo is playing a lead role.

Credit: Disney•Pixar / Youtube

Alonzo is the voice of Cruz Ramirez, a yellow sports car whose job is to train Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and get him back on his feet (wheels?) after a huge loss. It’s nice to see a fast Latino animated character who isn’t Speedy Gonzalez.

Of course, if you’d been paying attention to her Instagram you’d already know her character was a “Latina car.”

Cruz is a car who, although struggling with her own self-esteem, is helping McQueen learn how to get back to his previous greatness after what looks like a crash that puts him out of commission and knocks him off the top spot.

The “Cars” official Facebook paged dropped a video introducing us to the new car-acter (get it?) back in January.

Cruz isn’t just a trainer for McQueen, she’s got some speed on her, too.

Alonzo has been having a blast with her character, posting on social media about her whenever she can.

She posed with this life-sized version of her character from the movie at the Daytona 500.

They’ve even turned her character into a toy.

She feels so connected to her character she’s been posting an equation about it “Cristela + Cruz = #Cruztela.”

Alonzo posed with her toy-self for the ‘gram.

Imagine how cool it would be to have a toy car made in your image? I’d never stop posting about it.

Check out the full trailer below!

Credit: Disney•Pixar/ Youtube

We can’t wait to see Alonzo in “Cars 3” releasing this June 16. ??

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